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CollegeHumor Sketches

You Don't Actually Need A Menu (director)

Message From tumblr's CEO (director)

Understanding the Losers Who Use Instagram Live (director)

Sneaking Into Your Own Movie (director)

Defender of the Basic Meets The April Fool (director)

GOT Written With A Bot (director)

The Pre-Hook-Up Clean- Up (director)

Crafts Are Trash (director)

Hot Summer Looks(director)

The Pre-Hook-Up Clean- Up (director)

Selfie Spiral (director)

Shazam but For B.S. (director)

When Theatre Kids Grow Up (director)

Liking Rain Doesn't Make You Deep (director)

When Spelling Gets Tricky (director)

Stop Messing With Your Vaginas (director)

Back From Summer Break (director)

GOT Therapy (director)

May-Go (director)

There's Meat Hiding In Every Food (director)

Nobody Younger Than Me Can Be Successful

Everyone's a Republican On Tax Day (director)

These Weed Names Are Not Chill (director)

We Have To Keep Talking About My Problem (director)

Disagreeing Doesn't Make You Smart (director)

What's So Funny? (director)

Where's The Remote (director)

When Someone Gets Your Name Wrong (director)

Bye Bye Boomers (director)

Obsessive Boyfriends Are So Romantic! (director)

When You're A Total Pushover (director)

Message From Venmo's CEO (director)

Real Adults Don't Order Dessert (director)

I Overshared So Now You Have To (director)

She's Terrible And She Owns It (director)

The Girl With A "Birthday Month" (director)

Politics Aren't Funny (director)

Potluck Fail (director)

Stop Agreeing With Me (director)

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