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The Daily Show

Thanksgiving Buffer (director)

Kosta Raps With T-Pain (director)

Almost A Veteran (director)

House Vs. The Woke Mind Virus (director)

K-Pop Group aespa's Tours the Big Apple With Roy Wood Jr. (director)

A Vote For Love (director)

Latinx Auditioning In Hollywood (director)

Project Conspiracy: Fruit Stickers (director)

Kinky Politics (director)

The Haunted Dolls Industry Boom (director)

Stair Sherpa (director)

How To Avoid Taxes Like A Millionaire (director)

George Santos Supports Speak Up (director)

Spotted Lantern Fly Conspiracy (director)

Can Men Survive Cramps? (director)

Team Games With ATEEZ (director)

Swifties Vs. Youngkin (director)

Project Conspiracy: Ice Cream Trucks (director)

Why Halloween Is The Worst (director)

Kosta Joins K-Pop Group P1Harmony (director)

ICU 2 U (director)

Dulsayin: The Commercialization Of Pride (director)

CP Time: The History of House Music (director)

The History Of Black Friday (director)

2021 in Review : The Year in Scams (director)

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