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The Daily Show

Thanksgiving Buffer (director)

Kosta Raps With T-Pain (director)

Almost A Veteran (director)

House Vs. The Woke Mind Virus (director)

K-Pop Group aespa's Tours the Big Apple With Roy Wood Jr. (director)

A Vote For Love (director)

Latinx Auditioning In Hollywood (director)

Project Conspiracy: Fruit Stickers (director)

George Santos Supports Speak Up (director)

The Haunted Dolls Industry Boom (director)

Spotted Lantern Fly Conspiracy (director)

Can Men Survive Cramps? (director)

Team Games With ATEEZ (director)

Swifties Vs. Youngkin (director)

Project Conspiracy: Ice Cream Trucks (director)

Why Halloween Is The Worst (director)

Kosta Joins K-Pop Group P1Harmony (director)

ICU 2 U (director)

Dulsayin: The Commercialization Of Pride (director)

CP Time: The History of House Music (director)

The History Of Black Friday (director)

2021 in Review : The Year in Scams (director)

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